All of our barrels have been used for just one aging cycle of whiskey. Then we use some of our barrels to age our signature barrel-aged pure maple syrup in the barrel for a brief time. This combination provides the oak with an incredible, rich whiskey flavor with a hint of maple. The oak used to build all our barrels is aged for 18-24 months after the tree is cut down and the barrels are pre-toasted for 45 minutes prior to charring. This process promotes a complex and highly desirable flavor profile. The small barrel size also provides a greater surface area to volume ratio (more wood in contact with liquid) which results in increased extraction. The barrels are perfect for home brewers or microbreweries looking to age whiskey barreled beers. The aging of the maple syrup adds incredible flavors and complexity to the beers that you will not find anywhere else. Beer aged in our barrels by a large microbrewery recently won a People’s Choice Award at a national beer festival!

8 gallon used whiskey & maple syrup barrel


8 gallon used whiskey only barrel


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