There’s a whiskey revolution coming and we’re here to do our part

True whiskey drinkers are loyal to a certain brand. They might play around every once in a while—but by and large, they have a brand they are loyal to, and they think of that brand as a friend. And while we have brands we’ve been loyal to over the years, we see an opportunity for something better. Just as coffee drinkers have moved from Folgers to Starbucks, and beer drinkers have added microbrews to their fridges, whiskey drinkers are yearning for something different, something better. Through state-of-the-art distilling equipment, the finest ingredients, and the expertise of an industry giant, something better is possible—and it’s called Woodinville™. We’re redistilling the rules of whiskey to offer you a new brand worthy of your loyalty. A brand you’ll think of as a friend.


It wasn’t an accident

We set up shop in Washington state, and it wasn’t because we couldn’t find a map to Kentucky. Pure ingredients, pristine water and unique aging conditions make Washington an ideal place for distilling. We believe the majestic spirit of our state shines through in every bottle of whiskey we produce, and while we have great respect for Kentucky whiskeys, we’re proud to offer you something different and daring.


Our mentor

A 14-year veteran of whiskey making as Master Distiller at Maker’s Mark, David Pickerell is something of a legend in the whiskey community, and we’re proud to call him our friend and mentor. By crafting a reliable and consistent product over the years, David has helped Maker’s Mark become the trustworthy brand that it is today. At Woodinville Whiskey Co.™, David’s recipes and mentorship will be brought to life in a craft environment with the finest ingredients available and advanced distilling technology from Germany.


Our ingredients

Whiskey is only as good as the ingredients you put into it. That’s why we only use carefully chosen ingredients grown in the Pacific Northwest and water as pure as the Washington mountains it comes from. The finest new American oak whiskey barrels from the northern forest and optimal aging environments produce an aging effect that gives our whiskey an undeniable swagger. You’ll taste the difference.

Our equipment

From homemade stills hidden in the woods to the affordable pot stills gaining prominence with today’s whiskey makers, there are numerous options for craft distillers. While the investment was substantial, for us the choice was simple. Engineered and built in Germany, our still represents the beauty that can be achieved when old-world tradition is melded with modern-day innovation, delivering flavors and purity beyond your imagination.


Our commitment

With the mentorship of an industry giant, superior ingredients, and cutting-edge equipment, our whiskey holds a distinct advantage over the competition before it even reaches the barrel.

This is our dream: over time, we are committed to delivering the best whiskey on earth.  Equally important, we are committed to making new friends along the way. Whiskey-drinking friends who join us on our quest now and in the future won’t accept any other brand as “their” whiskey.

Distillery’s open. Friends welcome.

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