Woodinville™ Age Your Own™ Whiskey Kit

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The magic that happens inside of a whiskey barrel has always intrigued whiskey drinkers.  But unless you are a whiskey drinker who owns a distillery (something we strongly recommend by the way), it’s next to impossible to witness the transformation of the distillate from clear to brown, and the many flavor, aroma, and taste complexities that are added before finishing the journey as aged whiskey.  Our Woodinville™ Age Your Own™ Whiskey kit puts you in the Captain’s seat for aging your whiskey to perfection.  Patience not included.

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How to Age Your Own™ Whiskey

Product Details

The Woodinville™ Age Your Own™ Whiskey Kit includes two 750 ml bottles of 110 proof White Dog un-aged whiskey, a 2 liter aging barrel, pouring funnel, two tasting glasses, and step-by-step instructions.  Because of the small barrel size, the aging process is significantly accelerated with nicely aged whiskey available in 3-6 months (you be the judge!).  Aging barrel can be refilled and reused multiple times.

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