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Barrel #001 Drawing

The official drawing for barrel #001 was completed today via Facebook live. Below is the list of names that were drawn. If your name was drawn we will be sending you an email with a link where you can complete your purchase.

A big thanks to all that entered. We wish we had more to go around and sincerely appreciate your support!

–Orlin & Brett

Barrel #001 Drawing Winners:

  1. Kimberly Hancock
  2. Stewart Stubblefield
  3. Sarah Turgeon
  4. Loren Ellingson
  5. Shawn Obrien
  6. Matt Johnson
  7. Greg Werry
  8. Alessandro Scilletta
  9. Delaina Richmond
  10. Christopher Gear
  11. Harsha Deep Kolla
  12. Christi Lockhart
  13. Jerry Blayne
  14. Jon Andino
  15. Cade Curtis
  16. Heidi Randall
  17. Leonardo Nicacio
  18. Gary Rice
  19. Matthew Roalkvam
  20. Angele Grenier
  21. Nathan Poole
  22. Heather Mullen
  23. Kane Charlson
  24. Richard Ortega
  25. Jeremy Walker
  26. Ken Bailey
  27. Allison Gillette
  28. Kit Williams
  29. Steven Beda
  30. Rick Young
  31. Sydney Streeter-Dybdahl
  32. Chip Johnson
  33. Brian Moring
  34. Philip Spidle
  35. Blake Trammell
  36. Wendell Stidham
  37. Jeremy Crane
  38. Thomas Corrigan
  39. Dennis Flabetich
  40. Barry Fisk
  41. Donald Doody
  42. Ian Sahlberg
  43. Phu Hoang
  44. Melissa Stepp
  45. Gregg Douglas
  46. Thomas ONeill
  47. Paul Scott
  48. Graham Wilken
  49. Rich Visintainer
  50. Debbie Parker
  51. Ryan Heckman
  52. James Christensen
  53. Nick Shishkowsky
  54. Mitch Olson
  55. Jennifer Miller
  56. Marcus Burns
  57. Mark Dybdahl
  58. Julio Robla
  59. Christopher Kennedy
  60. John Bush
  61. Dave Downey
  62. Robert Cheng
  63. Dennis Boe
  64. Hugh Powers
  65. Joanne McClellen
  66. Kurt Martel
  67. James Yen
  68. Larry Pleskoff
  69. John Doubek
  70. Ken Nielson
  71. Randall Cook
  72. Brad Hinthorne
  73. Brad Brissette
  74. Ted Hawksford
  75. Andrew Gunkel
  76. Richard Anderson
  77. Chad Taylor
  78. Jim Koch
  79. Brian Gilles
  80. Armando Amet
  81. Jorge Izquierdo
  82. Paul Terry
  83. Andy Opila
  84. Starla Carter
  85. David Lovelace-Macon
  86. Mark Pavlish
  87. Jeff Bryan

Special Release – Barrel No. 001

Greetings, As many of you know, Brett and I started Woodinville Whiskey Company almost 10 years ago. What started as a humble dream of ours has turned into more than we could have ever imagined. To date, we’ve produced over 12,000 barrels, each by hand, with special care and attention to each and every barrel. […]

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Taste, Choose & Bottle Your Own With Custom Etched Bottle

Greetings, We’re excited to announce our 2018 “Taste, Choose & Bottle Your Own” Cask Strength Bourbon and Cask Strength Rye release event! Signup for your 30-minute time slot to come into the distillery and taste directly from 3 different barrels we have selected from our warehouses. Choose your barrel(s) and then fill your own bottles […]

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2018 Harvest Release – Toasted Applewood Finished Rye Whiskey

It’s that time of year we look forward to every fall! Our 2017 Toasted Applewood Finished Bourbon was such a hit that we decided to do it with our 100% Rye Whiskey, and we could not be more excited with how it turned out. We start with our fully matured 100% rye whiskey and add […]

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Port Finished Bourbon Release – November 18th

As the holidays quickly approach we are excited to announce the release of our Port Finished Straight Bourbon! We took our fully matured 5-year straight bourbon and transferred it into Tawny Port barrels for 6 additional months. The Port finishing process adds a viscous mouthfeel with notes of candied cherry, dried plums, berries and chocolate […]

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2017 Harvest Release – Toasted Applewood Finished Bourbon

We are very excited to finally announce the details of our 2017 Harvest Release – Toasted Applewood Finished Bourbon – on Saturday, October 7th at 7am! We have taken our fully matured 5-year-old straight bourbon whiskey and added toasted Applewood staves to the whiskey. This Applewood “finishing” process adds depth and richness with aromas of […]

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New Product Release Events

Cask Strength Bourbon & Rye “Taste, Choose & Bottle Your Own” Plus, More Details On: 2017 Harvest Release – Applewood Finished Straight Bourbon Port Finished Straight Bourbon   Greetings, We’re excited to announce our “Taste, Choose & Bottle Your Own” Cask Strength Bourbon and Cask Strength Rye release event! Signup for your 15-minute time slot […]

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A Letter to our Friends

From Orlin Sorensen & Brett Carlile Founders & Distillers, Woodinville Whiskey Company On July 12th, 2017, it was announced that Woodinville Whiskey Company was acquired by Moët Hennessy USA. We’ve been blessed by all the support we have received. Understandably, many people have questions about why we chose to sell and what that means for […]

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Woodinville Whiskey Updates – June 12th, 2017

Free Tastings on Father’s Day Friday Tours Washington State Whiskey Shirts New Product Releases Greetings, A few updates on happenings here at the distillery. This Sunday, June 18th, all Father’s will receive free tastings on Fathers’ Day. Bring in Dad and enjoy four, half-ounce samples of our bourbon, rye, American whiskey and barrel-aged maple syrup! […]

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