The Distiller’s Journal

Clarendon Boulevardier

Kyle here was published in a book called Remixology a couple years back by co-authors Michael Turback and Julia Hastings-Black. His orange-forward cocktail is called the Clarendon Boulevardier, and here he is to show how to make it.
Orange peel, to express
4 drops Fernet Branca
1.5 ounces Woodinville Straight Bourbon
.75 ounce Dolin Rouge
.5 ounce Campari
Express orange peel over fresh ice in a rocks glass. Place peel pith side down and run the Fernet Branca over the peel. Add remaining ingredients to a mixing glass with ice. Stir and strain over the orange peel in the prepared glass.
Find the ingredients online here:
Woodinville Bourbon online in Washington.
Woodinville Bourbon in other states.
Fernet Branca.
Dolin Rouge.

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