The Distiller’s Journal


It’s a bit ironic that the weekend we open is Labor Day weekend. Over the past 9 months we’ve developed a complete micro distillery business plan, applied for and received an SBA loan, selected a location, orchestrated a massive transformation of our space, researched, selected and installed distilling equipment from across the world, learned extensive distillation theory and methods, secured (well, begged and pleaded) David Pickerell from Makers Mark to work with us, filled out and submitted over 320 pages of applications, and about a million other details. All this while working our current jobs.
So, I suppose it is appropriate that Labor Day be the weekend we open, albeit this has been a labor of love. As crazy as the past 9 months have been, neither of us would blink an eye when we say we’d do it again in a heartbeat. We are extremely proud and excited to introduce our Peabody Jones™ Vodka and Headlong™ White Dog Whiskey to the world today, and we will continue on our quest to make Woodinville Whiskey the whiskey you call your own. With state of the art equipment, the best ingredients on planet earth, and the expertise of an industry legend, we think there are new chapters to be written in the story that is whiskey. We refer to this as the Whiskey Revolution, and we’re here to do our part. It will be fun to look back in 5 years and see if the revolution happened like we think it will. And it will be even more fun to look back at the friends we’ve made along the way. This means you! –Distillery’s Open, Friends Welcome.


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