The Distiller’s Journal

Now available in Liquor Stores!

Just 11 days after we opened our doors we received our first purchase order from the Washington State Liquor Control Board. This first order will go into Store 101 on 4th Ave, just a tad south of Safeco and Qwest fields. Store 101 has the reputation of being on the forefront of carrying new products, and they have a huge selection from Bourbon to Brandy. If you’re ever looking for a unique item, store 101 should be top on your list to visit.
All Washington state liquor stores have a standard stock item list. You’ve probably noticed that most stores pretty much look the same and carry the same items. But as of late, many stores are starting to special order items that aren’t on their standard stock list. Kudos to these store managers for researching and educating themselves on what we as consumers want. As the craft distilling industry grows we’re going to experience some great new innovative products and it’s in the hands of our state stores to bring these products to us.
For the next couple of months our Headlong™ White Dog Whiskey and Peabody Jones™ Vodka will become available in more stores as the liquor store managers order a few cases to be stocked in their stores. Once we’re stocked in a decent amount of stores and demand for our product grows we will present to the state Liquor Board in Olympia to stock our products in all 300+ stores.
Until then, keep asking for Peabody Jones™ Vodka (special order code 974219) and Headlong™ White Dog Whiskey (special order code 974220) from your local store. And as always, thanks for your support!


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