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Taste, Choose & Bottle Your Own With Custom Etched Bottle

We’re excited to announce our 2018 “Taste, Choose & Bottle Your Own” Cask Strength Bourbon and Cask Strength Rye release event!
Signup for your 30-minute time slot to come into the distillery and taste directly from 3 different barrels we have selected from our warehouses. Choose your barrel(s) and then fill your own bottles directly from spigots which will be drilled into each barrel. Decide whether you want to filter out the barrel char as you fill your bottle, or leave it for a true “straight from the barrel” experience. This year’s event will include a limited laser etched bottle that you can customize with the text of your choice. You will write the barrel number and whiskey proof directly on your bottle, cork it and seal it!
The Cask Strength Bourbon Release will be December 1st, and the Cask Strength Rye Release will be December 2nd. Each time slot has 6 spots available. Price will be $99.95 per bottle with all taxes included. We expect each barrel to be between 121 and 123 proof. There are limited time slots available so be sure to click the links below and signup now!
Taste, Choose & Bottle Your Own Cask Strength Bourbon Signup Link
Taste, Choose & Bottle Your Own Cask Strength Rye Signup Link
These custom etched bottles are also available with all our standard products in our tasting room and online on our website. They make a perfect gift for the holidays or special occasions.
Thanks and we look forward to seeing you!
Brett & Orlin

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