The Distiller’s Journal

The Brown Bag

Here is author David Vienna’s suggested cocktail to sip while unpacking your groceries. It’s in his book Drinks for Mundane Tasks and Ariel will show you how to make it!
2 oz Woodinville Bourbon
1 oz Drambuie
.5oz Lemon Juice
.5oz Pineapple Juice
Lemon and Pineapple for Garnish
Combine Bourbon, Drambuie, lemon juice, and pineapple over ice in blender. Blend and pour into old fashioned glass and garnish with any lemon or pineapple!
Where to find the ingredients and the book:
Woodinville Bourbon in Washington.
Woodinville Bourbon in other states.
The Book “Drinks for Mundane Tasks”, author David Vienna.

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