The Distiller’s Journal

The Woodinville Spice Cabinet Cocktail

Here’s another custom cocktail from Chad, our Brand Ambassador in Oregon and Northern California.  With extra time on your hands, it’s worth it to make the homemade simple syrup with caraway seeds.
Woodinville Spice Cabinet:
1.5 oz. Woodinville Rye
.75 oz. caraway syrup
.75 oz. lemon juice
1 dash Bitter Truth Celery Bitters
Absinthe rinse
Garnish with a thyme sprig
Caraway Syrup:
½ cup sugar
½ water
3 tablespoons caraway seeds
-Combine all three ingredients in a pot and bring to a simmer on low heat while stirring to dissolve sugar and prevent scorching.
-Once simmering remove from heat and allow to sit at room temperature for at least two hours
-Strain out solids
Where to find the ingredients:
Woodinville Rye in Washington.
Woodinville Rye in other states (please note there is limited availability).
Bitter Truth celery bitters.

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