The Distiller’s Journal

Woodinville Flagship Straight Bourbon Ready to Bottle

Twice a year we load up into Orlin’s pickup and head east, over the Cascades, to sample the bourbon and rye that have been resting in 53-gallon barrels since 2010. It’s always an adventure and we’re always on the edge of our seat, eager to see (taste) how things have progressed since our last visit. There’s no scientific equipment involved in testing the product; you use your nose and your tongue. It’s either ready or it isn’t, there’s no mistaking it. We’re very happy – we’re beside ourselves, actually – to report that, as of yesterday, it’s ready. In fact, it’s more then ready – it’s fantastic! I’m not embarrassed in the least to say that we loved it – and we think you will too.

This is a very exciting milestone for us. This is what we’ve been working and anxiously waiting for since we fired up the still and filled our first barrel in 2010. There’s just no substitute for time when you want to get whiskey right. It’s takes time – seasons, summers, winters, years – patience and more patience. And more patience.
Over the coming months we’ll be very busy preparing to bottle and ship this product to share it with you – while we continue our daily operations, producing and laying up new make to be enjoyed many years from now. Check back for updates regarding the official release date (it’s looking like spring or summer). Or, better yet, come visit us in the tasting room and we’ll tell you in person.


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