The Distiller’s Journal

Headlong™ White Dog Whiskey

Good things come to those who wait—and also to craft distillers using the finest equipment available, carefully chosen ingredients, and the mentorship of an industry giant. We proudly offer you our un-aged White Dog Whiskey “headlong” out of the still. Smooth, flavorful, unexpected.

Cocktail & Barrel Aged Cocktail Recipes (pdf)

Tasting Notes

Aromas of frosted peach pastry, buttercream and raisin bran with a soft, silky dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a super smooth, lingering peppery spice, Brazil nut, and grainy flour accented finish. Great purity and balance.


  • 80 proof
  • Made from a true bourbon whiskey mash bill (recipe), this unaged whiskey begins its journey to perfection as corn, wheat, and malted barley
  • Un-aged and slowly distilled with precise cuts and handcrafted quality
  • Non-chill filtered


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