Honey, don’t wait up for me, I’m gonna be here awhile!

We invite you to do just that—be here a while. See how it all happens, take the tour, shake hands with our still, meet the owners, chew on the ingredients, and then give your taste buds an early Christmas gift by sampling our products in the tasting room.


  • 1,320-gallon pot still with pear-shaped whiskey helmet
  • 16-plate bubble-cap “Superaromator” rectification column with increased copper surface area and turbulent motion of liquid
  • 2 dephlegmators for amplified rectification
  • Over 52 feet of columns
  • Over 2 1/2 tons of whole grain per production cycle
  • More gauges than you can shake a stick at
  • Two passionate founders with a hankering for incredible whiskey
  • One exciting vision
  • Our Still

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    Over 1 ton of copper and stainless steel combines modern-day innovation with old-world tradition. Add handcrafted artistry to the equation, and it creates an experience your eyes and taste buds won’t soon forget.

  • Our Ingredients

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    To achieve the best, we accept nothing less than the best corn and rye, grown exclusively for us on the Omlin Family Farm in Quincy, Washington.

  • Mashing

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    We start by milling whole grains into a fine flour and boiling them with purified water to expose as much of the starch and sugar as possible. It’s an unglamorous job, but ultimately leads to superior flavor and character. With grains reaching 150 miles per hour during the milling process, it’s worth an in-person visit to see for yourself.

  • Slow and Steady

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    To achieve extreme separation of “desirable alcohol” from “undesirable alcohol,” slow, even heating, along with precision cuts from the distiller, is necessary to produce pure, unadulterated alcohol.

  • Rectification

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    rectification (noun): the process of refinement or purification of a substance by distillation. Sixteen “Superaromater” rectification plates and two dephlegmators combine to provide an ultra-rectification process that sets a new standard for smoothness and flavor in distilled spirits.

  • Distillate

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    distillate (noun): a liquid condensed from vapor in distillation. Only a fraction of the available alcohol output meets our standards. By holding ourselves to these unparalleled standards, we are able to produce unparalleled products. You’ll taste the difference.

  • Complete Analysis

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    A precise combination of purified water from the mountains of Washington State and top-quality distillate gives our whiskey a distinct advantage for optimum aging.

  • Barreling

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    New, handmade, charred American oak barrels from the northern forest cradle, nurture and infuse our whiskey. It takes time, but most good things do.

  • Maturation

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    All of our barrels are aged in Quincy, Washington. Hot summers and cold winters promote the extraction from the barrels, resulting in a rich and complex whiskey.

  • David Pickerell

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    As a 14-year Master Distiller for Maker’s Mark bourbon, his hands have more than likely been a part of your whiskey collection. As Woodinville Whiskey Co.’s friend and mentor, that’s sure to continue.

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